I slid down the hillside at a frightening rate, eager to prove to my friend that I was as daring as him. Hell I wanted to scare him, show him I was not just daring, I was reckless too. Skidding to the bottom, I grabbed at tufts of grass to make sure I didn’t going tumbling off the fast approaching cliff edge. Stopping with enough time not to go plummeting to my death, I frantically turned around and yelled at my friend to stop, who had found a piece of cardboard and was hurtling toward me, screaming with pleasure. At my signal to stop, he panicked and veered off to the left, and into a lake.

Before I could catch my breath from laughing, several beautiful naked women, appeared from nowhere to help my friend out of the lake.

They then led us to their commute, where they dried off my friend and gave him clean clothes. Bored of the attention I was not receiving, I decided to explore this large and dank house. It was not a particularly clean house. I tried to make tea in the kitchen and squirmed as my bare feet felt cold water and grit on the kitchen floor. The kitchen tops were filthy…in fact the entire house was squalid. This was surprising given these women gave off such an ethereal glow, that I had initially thought they were angels. Now it was clear they were very much human, or at least they weren’t the kind of angels I had ever read about

A beautiful and captivating male sauntered past, distracting me from my thoughts. He was tall , blond and muscular, as though plucked right out of the dusty pages of a Greek myth. This intimidating male walked straight over to me, and without warning whispered in my ear “Aren’t you sick of all these gorgeous women, isn’t it nice to feast your eyes on me.” Before I could reply sarcastically, for it was my nature not to flatter the ego of a man so clearly in awe of himself, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. I moaned a little, he kissed like a Greek God,  my legs almost buckled from underneath me. He then gently opened his eyes, looked intensely and sexily at me… before blowing a raspberry in my face. This cruel creäture laughed triumphantly and then pushing me aside, muttered something about my naïvety, and disappeared. I felt the embarrassment shoot up through my veins, my hands becoming fists, squeezing hard into my palms. Despite being on the alert, I had fallen for this man’s charms. Angry and bitter I shoved my way through the house, toward the nearest exit. On my way I bumped into an old Italian woman; hate took over and I roared at her ” You fucking CUNT! YOU BITCH! FUCKING HAG! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE AMONGST THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE?” The innocent Italian woman looked up at me with shock, her eyes growing large as tears formed. She turned and fled. My common sense came rushing back as I stood there, shocked and repulsed at my own cruel behaviour toward this innocent bystander.  “Wait!” I yelled and began to chase after her. Out of the house I ran, out into the blazing sun and found myself in a small part of Sicily. A small church stood defiantly at the end of the path. I ran inside and there was the woman, sat at the front,  head in hands sobbing. I ran up to her and fell to my knees, putting my head on her lap. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I have never spoken to anyone in such a way, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me.”

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