15 minute story

There once existed a giant squid named Fred. He lived deep down in the sea, and he would have been quite happy there if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t have any friends. Yes, our poor squid was bereft of friends and had a serious case of the blues. Days passed, months passed and Fred felt more and more hopeless. He had tried making friends, but the only creatures that passed his way were little fish who were fearful of him, and rightly so, Fred was gigantic!Giant-Squid Though Fred wouldn’t hurt a mollusc , his stammer prevented him from communicating efficiently with all the fishies and by the time he had gotten his words out, they had all scarpered.

Back when Fred was just a toddler, he had a very extended squid family made up of his mother, father, all his sisters, brothers, uncles and aunties, his grandparents and cousins! And they all lived in a giant squid house! Life had been quite desirable back then.  But…one terrible night, a disease (which had fast spread through the enormous depths of the ocean, killing off hundreds of squids in its path) finally reached Fred’s home and most of his family succumbed to the flesh-eating disease and perished. Fred shivered as he remembered these dark memories, his tentacles twitching in emotional pain, he gulped hard and pushed away the memories.

Only Fred and the youngest sister Daisy had survived; Daisy had left long ago to pursue her dream of making it big in Hollywood. Fred had tried to tell her that squids couldn’t survive outside of water but Daisy (though dim-witted) knew her own mind and wouldn’t be dissuaded. He wondered what had ever happened to her…

Daisy had been convinced that, since her and Fred had survived the terrible flesh-eating disease, they in fact possessed magic abilities to survive anything life threw at them. Daisy was sure that if she popped her squishy head out of the sea, she would survive by some divine miracle.

The more Fred dwelt on this memory, the more he started to feel a keen sense of curiousity invading his thoughts..bugger it he began to think, what have I got left to lose? I shall swim up to the top of the sea, and go where no male squid has gone before!

After several minutes the thought of another life- whether it be on land or through death- was so alluring that without even tidying up his house or putting away his clean washing, Fred began the journey to the top of the ocean. Up he went , up ..up ..up  and the water began surging around him, as it responded to the sheer force of his body as he travelled at such a fierce speed. Suddenly he could make out the light from the sun in the sky, he felt his heart would explode in his chest as he realised this was it…he knew nothing nice could be waiting for him.  Our giant hero forced his whole body out of the sea , toward the light and toward another world….Kraken-hunters-02

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